Getting older can be a Bitch,let us not beat around the bush here,I have looked better at 7 am,but hey! if you knew! I am a road map,a tapestry,a survivor.We all are.Never forget that,whatever your journey and God knows I am blessed compared to some,but the more years that pass the more I become aware,that life,this life,is a gift,every person,situation,drama,whatever,comes as a lesson,this has took me so long to come to terms with,but it is true,some of my lessons have almost broke me,like most of us I am a work in progress,yes! still! But here,so far,are the things I know for sure…..


1)Karma.The law of cause and effect.it’s real,dont doubt it for a second,what you put out there is reflected right back at you,one way or another,I have been on both sides.

2)Unless you master self love,you will never be happy with anyone else.I know,I know all the new age Gurus say this,sorry….its true,think back to the last time someone absolutely adored you? how great did you feel about yourself? how good would it be to feel like that all the time?

3)Letting go of the past is the hardest thing ever.

4)The future is scary/exciting

5)I am not 22.Hey ho.

6)I am psychic.

7)Life goes on…and on…and on

8)I am beautiful.Possibly the hardest thing for me to write.

9)I am a miracle worker.I am a Mother.

10)On a lighter note….I still am madly in love with Elvis! Always on my mind,my theme song.<3