There is really nothing I like more than to lose myself in a good book! I will read anything, some of my greatest spiritual Teachers have been brought to me by way of the written word, I am listing some that have helped me enormously on my path and will keep updating as my book pile threatens to topple over and kill someone!
One of my very favorite Authors is Deepak Chopra, I refer to this book often, written in an easy to understand way and triggered so many light bulb moments for me.

Penelope Quest is my go to Author for all things Reiki , whether a first degree reiki student or Reiki Master, this book is perfect to dip in and out of.

Another really useful Reiki manual from Penelope Quest. This one is essential reading for those of us who need to learn the importance of self healing.

A great little book by Victoria Beckhams crystal healer apparently! lots of helpful hints on navigating life with the help of crystals.

For anyone who is healing or finding your path, Marianne’s words are like a healing balm to the soul, I devour everything Ms Williamson writes and am never disappointed.