Recently I took my Mother to the funeral of one of her oldest friends, it was of course a sad and sobering experience, not least of all because in recent years the Lady in question lost touch with her nearest and dearest for whatever reason. It happens.Her Great Grandson gave a really moving speech, in which very bravely he voiced his regrets at not having kept in touch. Too late, or was it?

And herein lies lesson number one, you cannot turn back time, but you can start right now to re write your story, holding on to bitterness and resentment will burn you from the inside out,We hear a lot about forgiveness these days, it is a subject that is quite controversial I feel, there are some things that to me are absolutely unforgivable such as  murder etc. but generally, I do find you have to let stuff go, I tend not to fall out with people or take offence, if we dont like each other, hey ho, thats your prerogative, I wont lose sleep over it and nor should you.

We met up at the funeral with another old friend of Mums and on a much lighter note they were so funny! they had been on holiday together many years ago with their husbands, now both passed, it was absolutely delightful to see how they had such great memories of happy days and much laughter! Lesson number two of the day! sieze the moment! enjoy life! that is absolutely why you are here! I was listening to these eighty seven year old women giggling like schoolgirls over a waiter in Sorrento!

If only at these moments we could stop the clock, I have felt this many times in my life, especially when my babies were small, I wanted to hold them in my arms forever and have those tiny fingers curled around mine for eternity.

We only have today for sure, tomorrow is never promised.Lesson number three.Love with all of your heart without expecting anything in return, dont hold grudges,most people are doing the best they can, be kind.We really are just all walking each other home.Dont be the young man at the funeral apologising for not being there, mend bridges now, it is not too late.Live today.

Stop all the clocks.