I have finally worked it out that I have an Addictive personality, Thankfully my vices are relatively harmless, at worst, a waste of money and time consuming, at best….. well there isnt a best really. I feel I need to address this issue and make better use of my time and possibly save money! Hurrah! This is a good thing!

I have, like many Women, a life long Addiction to shoes, I am particularly drawn to very narrow, high heeled, bloody crippling ones that leave me scarred and blistered after only one quick hobble in them.( see the above pic. Absolute killers) I once made a video of my favorite shoes and posted it to Facebook. I shit you not. Shoes then are my crack cocaine in the addictions department. I went food shopping on Saturday, but accidentally wandered into a Shoe shop and wandered out with a lovely pair of silver sparkly high heel sandals! I felt like Cinderella! even though I had to force my feet into them with all the gusto of an ugly Stepsister, I bought them. Very practical.

Next up is Netflix, Whatever did we do before we learned how to binge watch and entire series in one weekend? probably had a life thats what! I am in serious danger of becoming a couch potato, currently waiting for my next fix of ‘This is us’ I am constantly looking for a new series ( However nothing has come close to ‘The following’)

And then there is my Amazon problem, for the Love of God, somebody ban me from buying every single book that gets a half decent review! we still have libraries!, not for much longer if we keep downloading everything on our Kindles! I need to stop, aside from the Kindle downloads which I convince myself dont actually count, there are the books, piles and piles of them! Books which I struggle to find time to read, because I am so engrossed in some mini series on Netflix!

Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Practically taking over my life,I’ve managed to stop photographing my food,(I mean who cares?) and am sticking to Puppies and the garden for now, but Oh how addictive is Pinterest? I long to be that crafty/great at cooking/skinny/have a beach house in Malibu. But I’m not, and fantasizing about some other Womans life, whilst perusing through her perfectly staged photographs, will not change my own. *sighes*

So there we go! My name is Gena, I am addicted to Shoes, Netflix, Amazon and Social networking! Anybody know where there is a group?

P.S. I blame the Weather, if it was Sunny I would be in the Garden (pretending it was Malibu Obvs)