Well Hello!

I have returned after being sans computer for what seems like a lifetime!

And pray what have I been doing whilst free of the shackles of the said sorry affair of the laptop,you may well ask? well unable to browse websites and blogs other than on my tiny iphone screen,which frankly does just not cut the mustard,other than to keep up to date with any facebook shenanigans,I have been doing all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff!

I have taken Yoga classes,Oh me oh my! who knew! it is amazing! I have been practising reiki,meditating to Deepak Chopra and finally I think learning to be content.

The days are getting cooler and I find myself ensconced in my little kitchen,rustling up all manner of aromatherapy mixes,making soy candles and bath salts,and listening to Edith Piaf.

I do fear slightly that I am becoming a recluse! But even the caterpillar retreats into his chrysalis before becoming a beautiful butterfly!

Maybe I am just getting ready to fly.