I love,love,love poetry! I love stumbling across something that touches my soul in a way that only poetry can,same with songs,which of course are poems with music! how often have I read something and felt that it was written just for me!

My first big love affair with the written word came as a schoolgirl studying for O level English as it was then,One of the poets we studied and I have adored ever since,was the late Sir John Betjeman.I adored his writing,his old fashioned view of life and social matters,was indeed a kind of fantasy for a teenage girl so bitterly disappointed with modern day life as I saw it at that time,and that is the beauty of the written word I feel,it allows us to escape should we need to,into another time and place.

So on this dull and miserable day here in the bleak North,I share with you a snippet……

In a Bath Teashop.

Let us not speak,for the love we bear one another,

Let us hold hands and look.

She such an ordinary little woman,he, such a thumping crook.

But both,for a moment,

little lower than the Angels in the teashops inglenook.

John Betjeman.

Be still my beating heart! *sigh*