I am by my own admission,notoriously bad at making New year resolutions….so I dont do it,it is indeed the very stuff abject disappointment is made of.If I tell myself I have to do something all year, you can bet your sweet Aunt fanny I will have failed miserably by January 2nd tops.

And yet,there is a part of me that welcomes this clean slate,a chance to change,to close doors on what has frankly been one shitty year,this time last year I remember thinking I had actually turned a corner,but then mid year the Universe seemed to yell “Woah Nelly! not yet you dont!” and issued me with another set of challenging circumstances(I wont bore you with the details) Life lessons.

However!onward and upwards!

So….planning,as mentioned in the title of this somewhat errant post,I feel that making plans,little by little is the way for me,instead of commiting,hand on heart to drop seven pounds,I will eat healthily and walk more,instead of wasting time on facebook(I have now been off it for a whole month,go me!) I will read interesting books,I will tend my garden,walk the dogs and cook delicious food for my family.I will do more of the things I like and less of the things I dont.I will learn something new.

I am taking 2015 slowly,I am going to try my best to be my best,I wont look back,if challenges come I will meet them head on and accept the lesson,but please God,easy on me this time.

It is going to be a good one.

Happy New Year beautiful people,be happy,be healthy,be kind.