Does your life have a soundtrack? mine does.

I associate music with people,places,events….. I remember reading a book called ‘The woman who walked into doors’ by Roddy Doyle,our narrator is a woman called Paula Spencer,who tells the sorry tale of her life and love with bad boy ‘Charlo’.In the story there are many references to songs that were popular at the time and therefore evoke memories and emotions for Paula,I seem to recall a quote along the lines of ‘I may have had a rough life but it had a fucking great soundtrack’

Amen Paula.

For whatever reason,music becomes a cornerstone in our lives,a song on the car radio can transport me in an instant,whether it is to the days and nights I sang to my babies ( Blackbird singing in the dead of night,take these broken wings…..) the heady happy days of having my own shop (Sinatra,Ella,Billie Holiday….I’m a fool to love you’) the sad days and the bad days and the ultimate dark night of my soul( Adele set fire to the rain obvs) the funeral of the most beautiful bubbly girl who was taken to soon ( dancing queen) the happy days,the best times (Lolas theme,shapeshifters  )

my soundtrack is quite diverse!

And yet…. there it is and for whatever reason,I can turn on my car radio and hear a blast from my past,or in todays case several! I believe it is spirits way of talking to me.

I need to dance to a new tune.