Following on from my previous post about looking after ourselves, I thought it might be timely to share a favourite pampering recipe with you,I swear I must have been a Witch in a past life, for I am in my element mixing up concoctions with herbs or essential oils! however,I digress! here then for your approval is a lovely indulgent, almost spa worthy treat.Dried rose petals ,obviously this time of year are not in abundance from the garden yet,you can buy them on Amazon ,also the recipe calls for essential rose maroc oil,which can be quite expensive,I often use rose geranium essential oil instead,which is equally delightful.So here we go;

To make approx 340g you will need;

200g powdered milk

120g Epsom salts

20g dried rose petals

12-15 drops of rose maroc oil

In a bowl mix powdered milk and Epsom salts thoroughly,then add the oil,mix again finally add the rose petals and give a good old stir,at this point I send Reiki to my mix,if you are not reiki trained simply send a blessing to your little endeavour,asking the Angels or the universe to open your in an airtight container,it will keep well for up to a year,but I promise you wont keep it that long! A handful should be added to running bathwater,light some candles…….and relax!