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Are you sitting comfortably? then we shall begin.

Many many years ago,when Pussy was a kitten,a friend of my Godmother gave me a book,a very old book called ‘Let’s pretend’ and thus began a lifetime love of one of the worlds greatest story tellers.Enid Blyton.I was simply enchanted by every word she wrote.Here was a world so unlike mine,that it almost sent me into raptures,from the pages of let’s pretend,Betty,Peter and Mollie,three siblings who were often left to their own devices,whilst Mummy ran an errand(dubious by today’s standards of course but let us not nitpick)So our three bobbed haired little Darlings would create their own entertainment by pretending.Tents were made from blankets,makeshift buses from a couple of chairs, a dish of water to wash dollies clothing when pretending it was laundry day,My Mother particularly hated this one,I always had the place swimming! but Oh happy days,how I loved these stories.Were they realistic? of course not,but to a small girl crippled by shyness and to be honest I was quite a lonely child,books became my friends,they still are,sheer escapism.Of course I went on to discover the absolutely thrilling tales of The famous five and the secret seven.The very thought of heading off on a bike armed with a splendid picnic,consisting of no more than a slab of cooks fruit cake,bags of lettuce,heaps of tomatoes and of course…..Lashings of ginger beer! was an absolute world away from anything I knew.

So why a seemingly pointless post about a children’s author,now deemed politically incorrect at best? well,my home houses a huge collection of vintage children’s books,some quite rare Enid Blyton hardbacks included,the other day I came across my old ‘let’s pretend’ book and just for a little while I was transported,to a make believe world of tea parties and dollies,being pirates for a day,or playing Doctors.

I vote we all play lets pretend,I want to make a tent from a patchwork quilt,right in the middle of my sitting room and curl up with a book and not come out for an entire day.

Send for the men in the white coats folks,I am clearly losing my mind. 

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