People I need a new challenge,

I awoke this morning feeling a distinct chill in the air, a very familiar feeling of lethargy in my bones and a longing to stay in my bed forever.It seems my moods change with the seasons,The sparkly flip flops are soon to be replaced with fur boots and the little floaty frocks bundled away in favour of jeans and shapeless sweaters.When all singing all dancing Summertime drifts into sleepy September, It is as if someone presses the pause button on life. It is not totally unfamiliar this feeling, never the less, I like many of you, do not quite know what to do with myself .Its not that I don’t have anything to do, I just have no enthusiasm to do anything! what is this Autumnal malaise that afflicts me? maybe I am suffering from SAD? if so then I don’t have ordinary run of the mill SAD, I fear I have top of the range SAD, I fear my seasonal disorder is made worse by the crappy Halloween tat that has invaded our supermarkets, infact I almost go into a frenzy when I see two supermarket isles side by side, abundant with Halloween AND Christmas stuff! can we not just get one out of the way first, then be bombarded with the ever decreasing in size tins of quality street and shortbread biscuits? It’s not even like I have an office party to look forward to (do they still even exist?) they were always good for a laugh and a conversation piece for at least six months. Good times.


Yes indeed I am being an extremely negative and moany, whingy Bitch and its wrong, I know it is wrong, I should count my blessings, be grateful, be mindful, live in the now,let go, move on etc.etc. I get all those Facebook posts too, infact I write half of them, so let the ranting end!

I need to Hibernate, think but not over think, just be. I need to stay in bed some days and escape into a gripping novel filled with mysterious dark eyed strangers and shocking plot twists, I need to knuckle down with my writing, light lots of vanilla candles and burn frankincense oil,I need to drink coffee and be excited over satsumas and pomegranates. I need to make a wish list and remember to dream, look forward.Find my path, for presently I have lost my way.

This too shall pass.I promise.