In my working life as a Reiki Practitioner I am constantly reminded of how absolutely frantic our pace of living is these days, I see so many clients who are dealing with stress and anxiety, the workplace is a hard task Master, so many of us having to work longer hours for less money,running a home, raising families, often single handedly.

Whilst it is all well and good to appear in control, wrestling our wonder-woman costume out of the wardrobe with one arm, whilst perching a child on our hip with the other, here’s the newsflash Toots….. something has to give…. 

When it is clear that our health is at risk through our levels of stress, it is time to embark on some extreme self care.I am not talking about an hour in the bath with a glossy magazine (although it never does any harm does it!) I am talking about taking responsibility for ourselves, making time to look at ourselves and recognize when changes need to be made.In order for us to function as a whole, we need to address all aspects of our being,Mind,body and spirit.

From a Reiki therapists point of view,I deal with balancing the energy fields,but of course there are other alternative therapies out there, which can be just as wonderful, Indian head massage is amazing for tension release, reflexology by an experienced therapist can leave you feeling revitalized, but if your anxiety goes deeper, or if you are experiencing difficulties in moving forward,why not explore areas such as hypnotherapy? or NLP? If you are in the North East of England, take a look at Lifebodysoul there are a range of events coming up with something to tempt even the most frazzled amongst us! Monthly talks and workshops from a variety of experts .

Start today,look after yourself  Wonder-woman.