So after the humongous Sunday lunch I was left with a fair bit of chicken and a pile of bones,whats a Gal to do I ask you?

Make chicken soup of course.Here you go,easy peasy.

Chicken soup.

Boil carcass with a few onions,carrots,Swede or any veg you have left over to make stock.

set aside stock,dice some onions and cook in a little oil until soft,add diced carrots,swede and potato,return stock to the pan and simmer for about 30 mins.

when all the veg are soft,put around half the soup in a blender and whiz it up,this adds thickness if you dont like a watery kind of soup,return to the pan and add your left over chicken,I added a handful of spinach just because I love it and its so good for you.

Season to your own taste and Viola! perfect Winter comfort food,serve with a crusty bun and feel virtuous for being so clever with your leftovers and also for being super healthy at the same time!