it will come as no surprise to you that I love words.Actually it is more than that,I need words,I need to read and write on a constant basis,I always have,from the early days of escapism, found only in an Enid Blyton secret seven mystery,I was hooked.I am happiest when I have my nose in a book,or more recently a kindle! I love to learn and expand my knowledge through the written word,I adore the spoken word and regional accents in all their variations.

But reader I have a problem,it appears I have some kind of ‘word snobbery’ going on,I appreciate I am not the cleverest Woman in the Universe,I do live in a kind of La-la land at times,but the English language to me has always been an ever evolving,wonderful landscape,there are probably millions of new words for me to fall in love with,to scribble on little post it notes and carry around in my purse,like newly found treasure!(Yes,really,I do this)

However,in recent years it seems conversations are littered with abbreviations,as are emails,text messages,It takes me forever to reply to messages because I insist on writing out the whole thing,I feel ridiculous otherwise.Dont get me wrong,I have used the odd LOL here and there,I may stop that now, I feel like a hypocrite,of course this coming from the Woman who originally thought it meant ‘Lots of love’ and ended every message with it,not always appropriate I might add,such as that time when meaning well I wrote ” so sorry to hear of your sad loss,you must be devastated.LOL” or the time I had to ring my Daughter rather embarrassingly,to ask what MILF meant.Yikes.

So this morning,I heard on the news that the much revered Oxford English dictionary have added several new words to its pages…..Are you ready for this?

Twerking…..For the love of God.I died a little bit when I heard this one.


YOLO….I could punch people who say this.Imbeciles.

Ego-surfing…looking yourself up on the internet apparently.

Hot Mess………When ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty. So nothing at all to do with menopause then?

And possibly the most idiotic one yet;

Grrrl….A young woman regarded as independent and strong,or aggressive. Give me strength.

Am I alone in my resistance to this new ‘lazy’ vocabulary? Am I the only person who grinds their teeth when I receive a text message in this now banal language? What say you dear reader?

Poor Enid must be swivelling in her grave.