Today has been quite the laziest of days,I awoke early after a restless night,to the sound of rain bouncing off the windows,there is something slightly indulgent about lying in bed listening to the rain methinks,these then are the last days of Summer,to be lingered over before all too quickly Autumn arrives resplendent and glorious and golden.

This has been a strange summer for me,a season filled with much soul searching,probing gently into corners of my mind that previously I was afraid to visit,slowly,slowly these days have been,quiet and soft and lemony coloured.I have found myself to be slightly reclusive at times,finding peace in my own back yard and comfort in my kitchen.I have formed a slight obsession with chicken and pesto salad and a penchant for prosecco sipped from a champagne glass,I have fallen madly insanely in love….with my kindle fire! who knew? I am devouring books at a rate of knots!

But I digress! back to today….a day of being indoors with my Daughter Lucy who at fourteen does not yet appreciate the luxury of a day spent doing not much,reading,eating home made cake and drinking coffee,burning lavender,mandarin and marjoram oils to sooth my soul.

It is early evening now and the rain is back,a small furry dog has taken up residence on my lap,another lies sleeping by my side.Bliss.I am reminded that even in the rainiest of days…..there is always something to be thankful for.