There is no other way to describe it I’m afraid, after a restless nights sleep, whereby I lay awake contemplating everything from my diet, finances, the ironing (WTF?) to worrying about the Russians, I got up this Morning feeling distinctively BLAH.

After a rather pretty day Yesterday, all sunshine,puppies and laundry actually drying on the line, cups of tea in my favorite china cup, this Morning here in the bleak North we have rain.Again. I know this because it is pouring through the ceiling in this crappy old house. It no longer is a house of certain charm and character, but a money drain.


Yeah that!

However…. this just wont do! I put a bowl under the leaky ceiling, light a candle and prepare to turn my thoughts around, in doing so I know for sure I can change my day.

I run a hot bath infused with epsom salts and a few drops of geranium oil, I take my kindle and my Neals yard face products into the bathroom and set them out for a mini facial, I then warm some towels on the radiator, prop up the aforementioned Kindle on my fancy schmancy bath rack, and visit my favorite blogĀ Brocantehome, for some much needed inspiration. If you have not visited Alisons lovely site, you really must, A wonderful cosy place to be, I read her latest blog post and backtrack through some older ones, this very clever Vintage Housekeeper is the perfect tonic today.

Soon, I am feeling uplifted, refreshed and relaxed, I am remembering to feel gratitude, We have a roof over our heads, Albeit a leaky one! we have hot water, food, comfortable beds, already I am thinking about the food I will put on the table for my family tonight, enjoying a favorite TV show with my Daughter today, snuggling puppies and the pile of books I am working my way through!

It is so worth taking the time to sit with your feelings, then make the decision and commitment to changing your thoughts, I think it may have been Wayne Dyer who coined the phrase ‘ Change the way you think about things, and the things you think about will change’

Still not sure about the ironing though.