Hello! Its been a while! I do apologize for my absence, life has a way of running away with me and at the risk of sounding absolutely ancient , time seems to be speeding up as I get older! Never the less, it has been quite the loveliest of Summers, albeit being a bit wet at times here up North, I have enjoyed my Garden so much, we have two new Puppies, everyone is well and happy, lots of exciting new things happening. And yet. Yes it seems the minute the clock strikes midnight on the first of September it is as if a switch is clicked and immediately the nights are a little darker, the mornings a little cooler, and my mood a teeny tiny bit quieter. This is Autumn.

Autumn I believe is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, Many of my friends love it, they fully embrace the large woolly (and itchy)  jumpers, jeans and boots, whilst I find the whole clothes thing a nightmare, and you will have to prize my sparkly flip flops from my cold lifeless feet! I love being barefoot and wearing, well not much in the summer, Ahh sweet freedom!

But here we are and here it is and whilst the clothing situation is not ideal, it is a rather pretty season dont you think? We are spending lots of time dog walking and it is kind of blissful, the trees are just starting to change colour and leaves slowly falling, it is the season of letting go, of just being, cosy nights and cinnamon scented candles, hot baths and warm beds,the odd murder mystery book and hot chocolate, a thrilling TV drama to look forward to, Soup making and fussing about the house. It is as if we are preparing to hibernate, Nurture, be soothed, rest, sleep,live well.

Incidentally…..I love marmite.