Hello blogging friends! So here we are on a Monday morning and its what we call in Newcastle, A canny little day! The sun is shining through my patio window and showing up all manner of dusty surface tops. Hey ho! the dusting can wait, for I have the urge to natter.

So whats going on in my little world right now? Well I am doing a lot of reading, nothing new there,however it is the season of snuggling up with a hot drink and a book, so I have stocked up! currently I am enjoying The little red chairs by one of my all time favorite Authors, Edna O’Brien. I am watching ‘How to get away with murder’ and feeling more bewildered by the day. I have developed a slight obsession with baking ( again, it will pass) and my Daughter has introduced me to the joys of  YouTube videos and we are hooked on watching baking tutorials by two local girls who own our very favorite cake shop Pet Lamb Patisserie they are so good and such fun! it is fabulous seeing young girls living out their dreams,pop over and see their website and blog.Speaking of websites and blogs, I am a little bit in love with Selfish Mother and am coveting one of her sweatshirts . Apparently some celebs have been seen wearing them.

This morning I am making up some super healthy vegetable and lentil soup, trying to atone for all the aforementioned cake making! I am pottering in the home (I will dust, I promise) I am burning Rosemary and lemon oil for upliftment and lighting candles in the kitchen, eating far too many satsumas, daydreaming about being stinking rich and waiting for news on the job front.Changes are afoot I can feel it, it is time. Have a good week everyone!

Now where is that duster?