The healing benefits of essential oils are well documented, indeed throughout history they have been used for not only medicinal purposes but in burial ceromonies in ancient Egypt, even to attract a mate. However in the twentieth century a more scientific approach was adopted when it was discovered that the oils not only had an antibacterial effect but also affected blood pressure, the nervous system and had the ability to either calm or stimulate our moods.

I personally use essential oils every day, usually in a diffuser, but sometimes in a bath or when soap making. I will be sharing some of my favourite blends with you, but for now here is my list of absolutely cant live without oils!

Lavender – relaxing, soothing aids sleep.

Lemon – uplifting, cleansing and clears brain fog

Rosemary – brings optimism, clarity also uplifting

Patchouli – love it or hate it, the best oil for grounding

Ylang Ylang – works with matters of the heart, self love and love of others

Peppermint – clear thinking, cleansing, good for headaches and spiders hate it!

Frankincense – aids meditation and spiritual work

There are so many more of course, make sure you buy 100% pure oils not blended, never apply neat to skin always blend with a base oil such as almond oil, if using in a diffuser or burner add to water.