Healing is messy.

Part of my job description is ‘ healer’ I am not 100% sure I am worthy of this title, I teach and practice reiki, I coach in the fields of mindfulness and wellbeing, but sadly I possess no magic wand, my knowledge and experience in this field merely make me a vessel.

Healing is messy.

Holistic practitioners can give you that space to work on yourself. Presently as a result of Covid I cannot physically work with clients, I can not teach or bring comfort with the laying on of hands, all I can do is pass on my words of wisdom and my knowledge. It was evident to me in my early days of working with Reiki and energy healing, that as a practitioner we simply supply the tools for your body and mind to heal itself, our bodies are amazing, our minds are powerful beyond belief, each linked intrinsically to each other working as a partnership to run the machine.

Since the beginning of this God awful pandemic, I feel so many of us are feeling afraid, unsure, confused, we have sadly more time on our hands to think, to overthink! We are revisiting our past and wondering if we could have done anything differently, what lies ahead ? Our timeline has never been more uncertain. Social media is not helping, what can we do whilst stuck in this crazy limbo?

We can begin a process of self healing.

It’s not pretty, we have to look at ourselves, warts and all, dig deep, often back to childhood, that ‘ not being good enough’ feeling, who put it there? You? Your parents ? A partner? School? Be honest, acknowledge the facts then let it go. Reframe the story, the narcissist who eventually made you beg for attention, taught you never again to be so co dependant, look for the lesson , always, the popular girls at school who made you feel plain and un interesting, they were kids, they didn’t know any better, possibly they didn’t have the best life and compensated by making you feel bad, let it go.

When you uncover the feelings that are so deep rooted you will see that, hey! Look at you ! All grown up and shit! It didn’t kill you! You managed to get up every day and put one foot in front of the other and got on with life!

But you must heal. Just as the heart wants what the heart wants, the heart needs to open and release the pain and let the love in.

How do we heal? Slowly. Step one is taking one day at a time, start with gratitude, what is good in your life? Do you have a roof over your head ? Running water? Great friends? Next be mindful, appreciate the small stuff, that first cup of coffee in the morning, a smile from a fellow dog walker and finally and probably most importantly, take a good look at yourself and start to love what you see, imagine yourself at six years old, too cute right? How would you talk to six year old you? I’m guessing not the way you often talk to yourself now, you are enough, truly. More than enough, self love, self respect are the first major steps in healing, start the work, you are a miracle, you are worthy of love and the future is bright.

This too shall pass, straighten your crown Queen.