Lets Pretend

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Are you sitting comfortably? then we shall begin.

Many many years ago,when Pussy was a kitten,a friend of my Godmother gave me a book,a very old book called ‘Let’s pretend’ and thus began a lifetime love of one of the worlds greatest story tellers.Enid Blyton.I was simply enchanted by every word she wrote.Here was a world so unlike mine,that it almost sent me into raptures,from the pages of let’s pretend,Betty,Peter and Mollie,three siblings who were often left to their own devices,whilst Mummy ran an errand(dubious by today’s standards of course but let us not nitpick)So our three bobbed haired little Darlings would create their own entertainment by pretending.Tents were made from blankets,makeshift buses from a couple of chairs, a dish of water to wash dollies clothing when pretending it was laundry day,My Mother particularly hated this one,I always had the place swimming! but Oh happy days,how I loved these stories.Were they realistic? of course not,but to a small girl crippled by shyness and to be honest I was quite a lonely child,books became my friends,they still are,sheer escapism.Of course I went on to discover the absolutely thrilling tales of The famous five and the secret seven.The very thought of heading off on a bike armed with a splendid picnic,consisting of no more than a slab of cooks fruit cake,bags of lettuce,heaps of tomatoes and of course…..Lashings of ginger beer! was an absolute world away from anything I knew.

So why a seemingly pointless post about a children’s author,now deemed politically incorrect at best? well,my home houses a huge collection of vintage children’s books,some quite rare Enid Blyton hardbacks included,the other day I came across my old ‘let’s pretend’ book and just for a little while I was transported,to a make believe world of tea parties and dollies,being pirates for a day,or playing Doctors.

I vote we all play lets pretend,I want to make a tent from a patchwork quilt,right in the middle of my sitting room and curl up with a book and not come out for an entire day.

Send for the men in the white coats folks,I am clearly losing my mind. 

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magical Rose milk bath.


Following on from my previous post about looking after ourselves, I thought it might be timely to share a favourite pampering recipe with you,I swear I must have been a Witch in a past life, for I am in my element mixing up concoctions with herbs or essential oils! however,I digress! here then for your approval is a lovely indulgent, almost spa worthy treat.Dried rose petals ,obviously this time of year are not in abundance from the garden yet,you can buy them on Amazon ,also the recipe calls for essential rose maroc oil,which can be quite expensive,I often use rose geranium essential oil instead,which is equally delightful.So here we go;

To make approx 340g you will need;

200g powdered milk

120g Epsom salts

20g dried rose petals

12-15 drops of rose maroc oil

In a bowl mix powdered milk and Epsom salts thoroughly,then add the oil,mix again finally add the rose petals and give a good old stir,at this point I send Reiki to my mix,if you are not reiki trained simply send a blessing to your little endeavour,asking the Angels or the universe to open your heart.store in an airtight container,it will keep well for up to a year,but I promise you wont keep it that long! A handful should be added to running bathwater,light some candles…….and relax!

Extreme self care.


Today it rains.I have so much to do,life has been busy and after two weeks of pain after a dental issue,I feel quite frankly,less than chipper.However….I intend to take a leaf out of my own book and do that which I am so fond of telling other people to do when overwhelmed by the sheer busyness of life.I shall embark on a short period of extreme self care.

I realize that we all seem to be chasing our tails to a certain degree,it is not always easy to find the time to look after number one,believe me I have been juggling life with the dexterity of a Billy Smarts clown for years! But we must,it is essential to our own wellbeing,before they start filling circuses with us.

So here is what I typically will do in order to to bring back some kind of balance in my life,I aim for a week,but a day , a night , a weekend is fine,the point is to commit to whatever you can.It is largely about taking control,giving yourself some breathing space and maybe gaining a different perspective.Take what you need from my list, even if it is just one or two things,it is so worth it.

1. Have a quick scoot around with the vacuum cleaner,waft a duster around and chuck out any rubbish,do a quick tidy up but don’t go overboard,we are merely doing the basics in order that we are comfortable in our homes.

2. Buy or download a book,preferably a novel,light reading or escapism,no self help books or anything too taxing on the brain,failing that buy a trashy magazine with loads of mindless gossip in!

3. Commit yourself to eating simply but healthily for a few days,omelette and salad,stir fry,even beans on toast with poached egg! make life easy for yourself,tell the family to like it or lump it.No standing cooking for hours then crying over the washing up.

4. Make up a big jug of lemon and cucumber water and keep in the fridge,drink often,great for bloating and helps weight loss.

5. Have a daily or nightly salt bath.1 cup of dead sea salt,1 cup of epsom salt,10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of ylang ylang oil.Aura cleansing and relaxing.

6. Try and fit in at least one full pamper night,dry body brushing,exfoliating,fake tan if you like,face mask,soak cotton pads in witch hazel and lie down with them on your eyes,I swear its magic! paint your nails and finish by smothering yourself in something gorgeous like scented oil.

7.Wear something slinky and sensuous for bed,ditch the shorts and T shirt,even if you live alone,indulge your senses by feeling fabulously sexy!

8.Go to bed early,you will miss nothing! I promise! put a few drops of lavender oil and marjoram oil in a burner,take a cup of tea and your book.Heaven!(don’t forget to blow out candle before sleep)

9.Weather permitting,go to the beach,a park,a country walk.Leave suburbia for a short while and reconnect with nature,it replenishes the soul.

10. If you dont already,Journal,buy a notebook,write your heart out,anything, hopes, dreams, affirmations, words of inspiration,collect magazine cuttings that inspire you and buy a glue stick! be creative! I will do another post on journaling soon,it is so cathartic.

So….that’s my week sorted! I still have stuff to do,places to go,people to meet etc. but I know I need to pace myself and stick to my plan,How about you?