Spring fever…..or lack of it!



There are some days,when despite signs of imminent Springtime, possibly my favourite season,popping up here and there, I am aware of a rather odd undercurrent, like shifting sands,anything and everything could change. In a heartbeat.I have heard too many sad stories lately,my heart is heavy for friends who are dealing with the most enormous challenges.Whilst these at once force me into viewing life from a different perspective,they also make me aware that I am harbouring a feeling that I am not truly embracing life as I should,this glorious technicolour life….is passing me by.Dont get me wrong,I am grateful,I count my blessings….and yet….

The days are long,the nights are even longer ,I awake between three and four am feeling like my heart is beating so fast,it may actually jump out of my chest,not sure if it is fear or anticipation I wait,fully awake,for that strange inbetween sleep state to claim me,soon it will be morning.Again.Tomorrow is another day,well fiddle-dee-dee Miss Scarlett.

It is strange this new found milaise….I am trying to move forward,stop the procrastination and actually start making plans.I have no time for the minutiae in life these days, television bores me,I have a pile of ironing as tall as myself, If I could get away without cooking at all I would! which for a self confessed foodie is very unusual,I feel like I am in some kind of incubation period,waiting for change,but not knowing when or where it will come from.But then as we enter Springtime,is this not a period of transformation? Has Winter perhaps lingered a little too long and the wait is soon to be over? I hope so.

Just when the caterpillar thought it was incapable of moving,it became a Butterfly”

Hang in there folks.

You must remember this…….

In my former vintage life, I had a lovely little blog called ‘These Foolish things’ I had a great following and always got comments regularly, not so much now and I do think perhaps I have lost my blogging mojo.I googled my old type pad blog and my last post was in 2012,how simple my life seemed to be, so here it is, for the sake of Nostalgia if nothing else…… The message at the end remains apt.



Every now and then Dear readers,I fall madly,completely and unashamedly in Love.It stops me in my tracks and causes my shaky little heart to do somersaults.And the object of my feverish desires? The written word.A line in a book,a poem discovered on a blog,a song heard on the radio,all have the ability to make me smile or make me cry…or make or break my day to be honest,and yet I hunger for these little gems,always have and I guess I always will.The need for me to find beautiful words is as essential to me as wearing clothing,without them I am naked.On a daily basis I am hunting down little snippets of wisdom to cut out of newspapers and magazines,often carrying them around in my purse all day like a lucky talisman,believing those words have been sent to me by a kindly universe,who surely senses every one of my hearts longings and provides me with such signs? Serendipity.
And so it was at the weekend,whilst browsing at the local flea market,the very first thing I spotted was a vintage Grays pottery saucer with wording around the inside,I bought it for pennies,a saucer sans cup is quite worthless.Except to me,for in the space left by the cup I saw the perfect home for a little lavender and geranium candle,whilst whispering to me with its words of wisdom,a gentle reminder that I am what I am,I do as I do and this life is what it is…….
The script says ;
“When this you see remember me.
And bear me in your mind.
Let all the world say what they will.
Speak only as you find”