Poetry Love…


I love,love,love poetry! I love stumbling across something that touches my soul in a way that only poetry can,same with songs,which of course are poems with music! how often have I read something and felt that it was written just for me!

My first big love affair with the written word came as a schoolgirl studying for O level English as it was then,One of the poets we studied and I have adored ever since,was the late Sir John Betjeman.I adored his writing,his old fashioned view of life and social matters,was indeed a kind of fantasy for a teenage girl so bitterly disappointed with modern day life as I saw it at that time,and that is the beauty of the written word I feel,it allows us to escape should we need to,into another time and place.

So on this dull and miserable day here in the bleak North,I share with you a snippet……

In a Bath Teashop.

Let us not speak,for the love we bear one another,

Let us hold hands and look.

She such an ordinary little woman,he, such a thumping crook.

But both,for a moment,

little lower than the Angels in the teashops inglenook.

John Betjeman.

Be still my beating heart! *sigh*

Carp Diem.

autumn children

As much as I love the season of perpetual cosiness,the crisp sun filled mornings,falling leaves,the warm cinnamon scented nights,I feel slightly annoyed.

Yes dear reader I am cross.

The reason being,I feel beautiful November in her swishing ochre gown,is being ignored,Oh yes indeedy.Here we are on the first day of November and we are being hurtled,like it or not,into the festive season! The Christmas lights are being installed on our local High street,for many weeks now our supermarkets have had an assigned ‘Christmas isle’!!! Kill me now! I surely cant be alone in thinking the festivities start earlier each year? I refuse to be drawn into this madness,by the time Christmas actually arrives we will be sick of the sight of it!

And what of our beloved November?

For me,this should be a transitional period,Summer has gently slipped away and we are easing into cooler days and darker nights,The flimsy dresses and sparkly sandals packed away,replaced by cosy wraps and sturdy boots,perfect for swishing through piles of leaves.Comfort food…..casseroles,soups,roasted root vegetables,steamed puddings and custard! Afternoon baths scented with rosemary and geranium,followed by steaming hot tea and shortbread.Murder mysteries on my kindle,early nights and earlier mornings.Living.One day at a time.

Carp Diem.