Hello! how the heck are you? Me? same old,same old,or maybe not.


Goodness,this life is a funny old thing is it not?

I clearly recall this time last summer demanding the Universe sent me a better deal,days,weeks,months go by and nothing seems to change,or does it?not overnight that is for sure,but little by little I see it,I see the choices I made,for better for worse,I see regret,I see heartbreak,I see lessons,I see life.

There are parts of my story I truly wish I could delete,yes I accept the lessons,do I have a choice? but realistically? did those lessons have to be so painful? I have to live with certain choices.Forever.There is no alt.control.delete. here.

What I do have, is a clean slate,new beginnings.

I am doing something I love,truly,this is my path,I can heal,I can help.

I will awake every morning and give thanks,for my life,for my family,for my friends,Happy Summer solstice friends,may your days be filled with bliss.

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